Arix  Enelx

For several years Arix has been actively developing eco-sustainable products and in 2021 Arix chose Enel X, member of Enel Group and leading provider of innovative and sustainable energy solutions, as ideal partner to improve in the circular economy, looking for energy-saving solutions and reducing progressively its environmental impact.


The focus of the partnership was on the Circular Economy Report, an accredited evaluation system, that measures the circular level of the enterprise and suggests a roadmap of innovative solutions able to increase it with consequent environmental, energy and economic savings.

Based on several factors such as organisation, supply chain, waste management, type of material input and energy system, the analysis was carried out on two levels: corporate and production site (Arix plastic division is a real high-tech industry with advanced injection molding and brush making machine).
Interesting results on both levels have been released from the Enel X report, providing excellent support to find solutions able to further increase Arix circularity.

Arix constantly continues with ongoing improvement: the new achieved Pefc certification and the recent installation of photovoltaic panels on the main production plant (sponges and ironing board covers).

`For a company that has always been dedicated to the search for eco-sustainable solutions, it was natural to be attracted by the Circular Economy Report, because it allows us to structure a global growth path in the circular economy starting from a serious and methodical assessment of the state of the art``.

Michele Melegari
Ceo of Arix

Arix and Enel X: a bond that looks to the future

New agreement until 2024

After the release of the Circular Economy Report in 2022, the collaboration between Arix and Enel X extends to the next 2 years and will include:

  • Annual update of the Degree of Circularity, both corporate and production sites (Ce Report)
  • Annual reporting of the Carbon Footprint (measurement of CO₂ emissions) of production sites (Ghg Report)
  • Structuring of a decarbonisation and sustainability pathway.